Seth Godin is a thinker, marketer, impresario, and someone who will help you challenge your self.  I read his daily Posts as an email feed.  I am reading his books.  I am currently participating in his 6th online workshop..The Marketing Seminar.  A common theme through out is to put your work out there. Not sloppy work, but  don’t fear or waiting on perfection paralyze yourself in to inactivity.  in other places he writes about blogging. Create, write, publish, even if it is just 1 person who reads it, it worth it.

I am tossing the fears aside.  Fear of no readership, fear of not having something of value to say, fear of running out of things to say. I publish, not just for others, for myself.  …to learn …to try …to fail.

And …to achieve.

In addition to Seth, others have suggested starting a blog.  Most recently Kim Schlossberg, a long time friend, and Sheila Goldgrab, a cohort in The Marketing Seminar. There have been many others as well.  Thank you, everyone, for the push.

My goal is to write something weekly that is short but interesting. My topics, for now,  will be drawn from my work and interests: Project Planning, Time Management, Ideas from and generated by podcasts I listen to.

Like my new website, this will be a constant work-in-progress.  I am learning as I go and self-teaching as much as possible.  Pardon the dust.